Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Rainy Day Wednesday ☔️

It's so exciting to see the rain falling on our beloved dry Los Angeles soil.
Being from New York I miss the seasons and in heaven when we have weather!
I am currently teaching group Pilates reformer classes this morning in Manhattan Beach @ Coreology Fitness & Pilates. 
Honored to lead the first 8:30 am class of 12 strong beautiful women.
The more I teach and share my knowledge of movement, Pilates and the body the more I understand the importance and integrity of teaching what I know best.  I find it extremely powerful and challenging to teach what I know and to continue to teach it deeper, stronger; to be clear and concise with my  instructions.  When I am clear in my mind and my cues I can see the bodies in motion moving more fluid and more connected.
I especially love to see the evolution of the 50 minutes of the class. From the beginning where the clients are finding their breath, getting in touch with their bodies and slowly finding their workout mind.  A quiet concentration embraces the studio, some find their movement quicker than others, some are more scattered and have a difficult time hearing cues, some have busy brains and trail behind untrusting or unable to find the mind body connection.
It's a rush when a group of 12 are in continuous motion even if in an isometric hold. One of my goals is to connect with each client on some level and to weave the minutes & movement together.
Sometimes I feel right on and other times I'm trying to reach for it.
Today was on and it was positive for all.
Grateful each day to teach and be the best I can be. Sharing movement.
Happy rainy Wednesday ☔️