Friday, September 21, 2012

Beautiful Friday, already mid September.  Hot days, hotter than during July and August.
The moon last night was so beautiful; the flight of the Endeavor up in the sky today flying over Culver City fantastic ~
Feeling blessed to be alive.

Appreciating clients both from Pilatesblue and Pilates Platinum.  Different studios in their focus and energy.
The privates at Pilatesblue are exactly that ~ a space allowing the client to listen, learn, and connect with their body and mind.  Not as easy as you think.  Lots of information to share during a session.  Learning to position the body correctly, from tip of the head, neck, shoulders, chest, upper back, mid back, lower back, arms, elbows, hands, rib cage, abdominals, glutes, pelvis, thighs, hamstrings, knees, quads, shins, calves, ankles, feet, toes ~ reminds me of that old song growing up...head shoulders knees & toes. And of course breath ~ that's a huge aspect of Pilates.  I love the connection to my body and I enjoy educating others how to find the same.  I think one of the rewards about teaching is seeing clients connect ~ maybe for seconds at the beginning, and then slowly watching it deepen, with deepness comes more understanding of their bodies and the strength of their mind.  Pilates method is just that ... mind body connection.

The group classes are quite fun and rewarding as well.  Its inspiring to see a group of people from 10-14 on machines executing the same moves, but all slightly different and all going for the same goal of working out.  It has a deeper meaning for me. I see clients coming and going, some wanting to sweat, some wanting to run through the hour to say they've done it and others working on changing their bodies or managing an injury.  The Pilates Platinum studios, and there are four around LA, are based on a technique called SPX Dynamique.  Similar to a reformer, using springs for resistance training, stretching, strengthening, increasing cardiovascular.
The movement is not that complicated, the challenge though is to move quickly from one exercise to another keeping ones heart rate up.  I would think an introductory class would be great for beginners to walk them through the essential movements before throwing them in with the wolves; advanced levels. That would be one aspect I would change.  The machines can be dangerous without proper knowledge of how to use them.  How to step on a machine using light springs and perform exercises that require balance, concentration and coordination.  A newcomer must be introduced to this experience carefully, especially if the client has not done any exercise of this type before.

I think the group classes are great. I am addicted.  Always a challenge ~ yes repetitive, but repetiton is about training and training is about repetition. Its how you execute the exercises and how your body feels on any given day.  We switch around the exercises to keep it interesting and the music to keep the energy moving.

So, today I love both techniques.  I am proud to be able to teach both techniques and educate others to find their power and grace.

Every day I learn something new to try and to share.  I hope I continue moving and teaching Pilates for a long long time.  I recommend it to almost everyone ~
today, by the way, I learned that I want to take another class tomorrow...won't you join me? for privates & duets for group

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